"Becoming truly yourself -this takes openness and receptivity, inspiration, a loving heart, stability and persistence, trust in the world and in yourself." -Norman Fischer

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ZEN RETREAT with Zoketsu Norman Fischer
December 2nd - 9th, 2017

This Silent Zen Meditation Retreat, held two times per year, is a unique opportunity to practice a traditional sesshin in a bilingual and bicultural setting. It is led in English and Spanish, with a mixture of participants from Mexico, US, and Canada, with varying levels of experience. While the practice is intensive, there is a rest time for enjoying the beach and the beautiful natural surroundings. The retreat is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned students. It is possible to bring family members who are non-participants or part-time participants.

Poet and writer Zoketsu Norman Fischer is a well-known Zen Buddhist priest and teacher from California. Former abbot of the oldest Zen organization in the West, the San Francisco Zen Center, he is now spiritual leader of the Everyday Zen Foundation. Norman has been leading retreats at Mar de Jade for 20 years, and his teachings are especially relevant to lives of ordinary people as they work to find peace within their families and communities..


Meditation Retreat includes:

  • Accommodation (Options: Single, Double, Dorm)
  • 3 Vegetarian buffet meals per day
  • Sitting meditation (Zazen)
  • Walking meditation (Kin-hin) indoors and outdoors in nature
  • Dharma Talks (Buddhist teachings and concepts)
  • Private interview with the teacher (Dokusan)
  • Simple work period
  • Time to relax and enjoy the beach.

Retreats are usually 5 full days (6 nights) or 6 full days (7 nights). Accommodation options range from dorm-style rooms to comfortable Suites for single or double occupancy. Offering an additional donation (Dana) for the teacher is appropriate.

Learn more about: Norman Fischer & Everyday Zen Foundation.
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CH'AN RETREAT with Guo Yuan Fa shi
May 27th - June 3rd, 2017

"I have been practicing meditation for 30 years, but I have never experienced anything like this retreat. The teachings within the silence have refreshed my energy, in spite of my 73 years. I see in this practice the purest and simplest form of Buddhism. The Silent Illumination practice is very valuable because you can bring it to your every day life.” Participant of the Ch’an Retreat.

This Silent Illumination Retreat is an opportunity to practice traditional Ch'an Meditation from the lineage of Master Sheng Yen (1928-2009), founder of the Dharma Drum Mountain, with the teacher Guo Yuan Fa Shi and monks from the Monastery in Taiwan. 

During this retreat we can learn, through simple methods, to let go of our habits of anxiety, stress and worry, in order to find the peace and clarity that we need.

This Silent Illumination Retreat includes:

  • Accommodation (Options: Single, Double, Dorm)
  • 3 Vegetarian meals per day
  • Sitting meditation
  • Walking meditation indoors and outdoors in nature
  • Simple work period
  • Dharma Talks (Buddhist concepts and teachings)
  • Morning Chinese exercises
  • Interview with the teacher
  • Rest time for enjoying the natural surroundings.

The retreat is suitable for all levels, but it is important to know that it requires determination and commitment to face the obstacles of the mind and body (physical discomfort, sleepiness, distraction, anxiety…) It is also necessary to follow all of the retreat rules: silence, punctuality and completion of the entire retreat.

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