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Nourishing the Body Temple
January 20 - 26, 2018
Deborah Davis

Nourishing the Body Temple: Women’s Qigong & Energy Healing Retreat

Imagine yourself…

Removed from the noise and distraction of everyday life, you awaken to the sounds of the jungle, refreshed by the sea breeze. Meandering out to your morning session on the beach, you inhale the luscious fragrances of the pendulant exotic flowers. Then, relaxing into the slow, healing movements of qigong, you feel your whole body sink into a deep resonance with the ocean, your body tingling in bliss.

Why come on this transformational healing retreat?
Using breath and slow gentle movements, qigong will instantly transport you into a deeply relaxed yet energized state. You will leave with a daily program to help you quickly replace those layers of stress, fatigue and dullness with lifetime habits of relaxation and self-care.

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Rejuvenate every morning with qigong by the ocean or in the temple. After breakfast, we gather for our morning session in the yoga sanctuary. We’ll learn a women’s qigong form that will help you revitalize your whole body to feel both relaxed and energized. You will awaken the healer within so by the end of the week you can gather and direct your own energy for self-healing, increased vitality and inner aliveness.

In the afternoons, we’ll explore internal alchemy, a guided meditation to nourish your organs, balance the hormones, and revitalize your sexuality/sensuality. Feel juicy again!

You will reclaim your female power through an ancient feminine shamanic practice to develop strength, power and awaken the inner wise woman. These techniques use archetypal ecstatic body stances to illicit the aspects of the divine feminine.

We will explore the energy body with simple partner exercises. After this retreat, you will be able to maintain your vitality and be aware of your energy field, so you no longer allow habits, people or places to drain you.

There will be plenty of free time where you may you find yourself frolicking in the sea, swinging on a hammock entranced by the sound of the waves, walking the long sandy beach, reading under the palm trees or talking with friends as you dip in the pool.

What’s Included:
  • 6 nights of double occupancy rooms at Mar de Jade Retreat Center.
  • All meals with delicious local and mostly organic ingredients.
  • Transportation to Mar de Jade from Puerta Vallarta airport: during scheduled van pick ups only.
  • Daily instruction in qigong, shamanic and energy techniques.
  • Whale watching excursion.

What’s Not Included
  • Roundtrip airfare to/from Puerto Vallarta
  • Massage and spa treatments
  • Transportation from the airport if you miss the van pickup
  • Wine and extra beverages if desired
  • Private intuitive & healing sessions with Deborah
  • Optional excursions


For the past thirty years, I have been a practitioner of alternative medicine as an acupuncturist, medical intuitive, herbalist and qigong teacher. I authored Women’s Qigong for Health & Longevity, and 4 qigong DVD’s on women’s health.

I became aware of my psychic abilities with my recurrent prophetic dreams when I was very young, which began my lifetime quest into spirituality and healing. I’ve studied with shamans, healers and spiritual masters from around the world.

I believe energetic healing is the medicine of the future, where we can heal in the quantum matrix. I have witnessed this in my qigong clinic where patients were on their deathbed, and within months were healed through simple qigong exercises.

My passion is to teach others how they can harness their own healing potential. My specialty is women’s qigong and intuitive healing that can empower women to both prevent and heal disease, so they can lead healthy, vital and empowered lives.