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Raise Your State - Deepening Retreat
April 22 - 29, 2017
Doug & Victoria Allen
If you are ready for a retreat that leaves you vibrantly rejuvenated, deliciously alive and deeply connected to your heart and wisdom, this retreat is undoubtedly for you.

Victoria’s morning restorative yoga will clear energy blocks and unravel deep tension in your body that directly releases mental stress ~ gentle poses, flow movement and breath. As a conduit of awakening, Doug will open the inner planes of consciousness through transmission meditations each morning and evening.

Doug and Victoria will teach their unique relationship dynamics of Opening and Presence, designed to bring forth the innate feminine and masculine qualities within. Their guidance will deepen you into greater connection, intimacy, communication, respect and trust within relationship. (For singles and couples.)

For more information: www.raiseyourstate.com/journeys/mar-de-jade-retreat/