The Volunteer Programs has been evolving over 25 years as a mixture of rest, cultural experience, learning and contributing...
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Volunteer Programs + Spanish Study Program

The Volunteer & Spanish Study Program is a very unique way to share, learn about the culture and to practice Spanish while enjoying the beauty of magnificent surroundings. This program has been evolving over 30 years as a mixture of rest, enjoyment, learning and contributing.

Community Volunteer Programs:

• Chacala Kindergarten (El Jardín)

• The Kids Program (El Club de Amigos)

• The Organic Farm (El Rancho).

* Volunteers can participate in one or both of these non-profit community projects. Optional private Spanish lessons are available.

Who can participate?

The Community Volunteer Programs accepts people of varied backgrounds with specific skills that want to contribute to the local community.

• At the Kindergarten (El Jardín) & Kids Program (El Club de Amigos): teachers, sport enthusiast, artists, musicians and others who enjoy working with children and sharing their talents are welcome.

• At the Organic Farm (El Rancho): we can use anyone with knowledge of permaculture and sustainable farming methods. However, no experience is necessary and a pair of helping hands is always welcomed.

What is the Program weekly schedule like?

The Kids Program runs three days per week (Mon, Wed, Fri), from 9am- 5pm, serving two shifts of children throughout the day (those that go to school in the morning and those that go in the afternoon).

Volunteering at the Organic Farm has a more flexible schedule and can be anywhere from 1 to 5 days per week, 6 hours per day, depending on how involved you want to become.

There is plenty of free time to enjoy the beach, excursions and rest.

What are the Spanish Classes like?

Optional private Spanish lessons are available at Mar de Jade throughout the year. Our teachers are native speakers and can quickly and firmly ground you with a knowledge of the basic grammar of Spanish and help you develop speaking and comprehension skills that will enable you to begin using the language immediately.

Private lessons are $20 usd per hour. Occasionally, group classes are available at a lower rate, please inquire about availability and dates. Classes are suitable for all levels.

When can I Volunteer and how does it work?

You are welcome to volunteer on a drop-in basis for a few hours or days during your vacation or retreat at Mar de Jade. Volunteering does not affect the cost of your stay.

A more formal volunteer program is often offered during the summer months (May- November) for two weeks, at a reduced room & board rate, with Spanish classes included. Please inquire about dates for the next program.

In some cases we accept longer term volunteers (1-6 months) to work on specific projects when the needs of our community and their skills and knowledge are compatible. If you are interested in creating a new project or facilitating a workshop for the local community, please contact us and let us know your ideas, skills and experience.