How can I help?
4 Ways to Support our Work:
At Mar de Jade we believe that a strong and healthy community is created through collaboration. Thanks to the support of guests, donators, NGOs and volunteers, it is possible to continue benefiting our community with positive actions and projects.
Let others
know about us.

Give one
and let your friends know about our work.
at Mar de Jade.

Book Now and 5% of your stay goes
directly to our Community Projects.
Share your talent.

Learn more about how to get involved
and help our community!
Give what you can: $50 usd Sponsor One child for 2 weeks
at our Kids Program*.
$250 usd Sponsor Five children for 2 weeks
at our Kids Program*.
$2,500 usd Sponsor Two Weeks of operation in
our Kids Program*.
*Kids Program (El Club de Amigos): attends more that 50 children daily. Learn more
Donate Now
Important : Your donation goes through the TIDES Foundation and they provide a tax-deductible receipt.